Are you in the MDE Network?

If you're not a part of the MDE Network, you're missing out on a lot of excellent resources.

The MDE Site
"The mission of the Master of Distance Education (MDE) is to qualify present and future managers of distance education. Given that distance education - and e-learning - have expanded so rapidly in the past few years in both public and private education, as well as in the training sectors, the program educates the multitude of new managers and future leaders necessary in this field. These managers increasingly need the legitimacy of formal qualification, since they will be required to be active advocates for distance education and training in their organizations and need to manage significant change processes that may affect the entire organization."

The MDE Blog
This is the best place for recent news and other information related to the UMUC Master of Distance Education program. The blog contains links to important information for current and prospective students, advising tips, awards, course availability, a faculty list, UMUC policies, MDE certificates, core courses, MDE internships, newsletters, and a project portfolio and capstone tutorial. It's one-stop-shopping. Don't miss it! Bookmark or subscribe to the MDE Blog and you'll be on top of the latest news in the MDE program.

The MDE Lounge
The MDE Student Lounge is a Google Group created to provide an environment for discussions networking among students, alumni, and staff. It's a place to share advising tips, journal articles, and information related to the MDE program and DE in general. Join this group after you've bookmarked or subscribed to the MDE Blog. This group is private, meaning your postings are seen only by other group subscribers.

MDE Capstone Wiki
"Here you will find information about both your activities during the capstone: the research project and the e-portfolio. Feel free to look around at the available pages (search the folders on the side bar). This wiki is intended to be used together with the on-going OMDE 670 class, and also as a reference for the MDE orientation workshop."

MDE Capstone Tutorial
"This tutorial is designed to provide you with a number of texts, examples and tools that support your understanding and the development of the portfolio required in the capstone course. There is no portfolio development software provided (or prescribed) by UMUC. This 'tutorial is structured to be non-prescriptive and let you explore and make your own decisions on how you wish to organize your work and create your portfolio."

MDE New Technologies Wiki
"This is an MDE site to be used as a reference for New Technologies in DE. It contains supporting materials, as well as report on experiences of the use of such technologies within the program and in the alumni, student & faculty MDE community."

MDE Peer-Mentoring Program
"The main goals of the MDE Peer-Mentoring Program are providing students with an enhanced learning experience and improving student success in the MDE program by providing useful support when students need it most. Mentors have the opportunity to interact and share their experience with fellow students; in addition to gaining experience, which can be added as part of their e-portfolio. Mentees gain a great resource and the opportunity to interact with fellow students who have a wealth of experience to share. This site will serve as a resource for program participants. The Peer-Mentoring Program provides support to new MDE students via e-mail contact with a mentor who is a more experienced MDE student. Mentors will have completed at least four courses in the MDE program."

MDE on Facebook
The MDE Facebook group (private) is for students in "A closed group of students taking part in the Master of Distance Education at UMUC."

MDE on LinkedIn
"LinkedIn is an interconnected network of experienced professionals from around the world, representing 170 industries and 200 countries. You can find, be introduced to, and collaborate with qualified professionals that you need to work with to accomplish your goals. ... When you join, you create a profile that summarizes your professional expertise and accomplishments. You can then form enduring connections by inviting trusted contacts to join LinkedIn and connect to you. Your network consists of your connections, your connections’ connections, and the people they know, linking you to a vast number of qualified professionals and experts."

MDE Itinerant Video Project
"This is the video-blog of the MDE Itinerant Video Camera, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Master of Distance Education program. Our goal is to build a collection of videos that share the 'essence' of the MDE and the MDE community in celebration of its 10th anniversary. An itinerant video camera travels around the world to capture MDE students, graduates and faculty sharing some of their daily professional lives, the impact of the MDE in their professional development and their experiences and views of the future as distance educators. It will also capture thoughts from many MDE friends and supporters, and everyone’s best wishes for a 'Happy 10th anniversary!' This material will serve the purpose of portraying in video format a collection of vignettes under the umbrella name of “The MDE Community – 10 years enhancing distance education."