box_logo2.gifAbout "Today, more than 2 million individuals, small businesses, and Fortune 1000 companies around the world use Box to easily connect with the content and people that matter most. not only believes in using the power of the web to help people access content wherever they are, but also in promoting an open platform that lets users take advantage of the best services and applications available. Through our OpenBox platform, dozens of third party applications including Google, Microsoft, Autodesk, Zoho, WordPress, and Picnik have been seamlessly integrated into Box, helping Box users do more with their content. serves up more than a quarter billion files every year, so we know the innovative, evolving ways that businesses use Box and we understand that the people creating content are just as important as the content itself. With this in mind, we bring together the best of traditional content and collaboration tools with the most effective elements of social software to create business solutions that not only capture and centralize the knowledge of an organization, but also connect that knowledge across dispersed teams for enhanced collaboration and discovery."